How SilentVault Works?

As data is read from the hard disk, SILENTVAULT automatically decrypts the data before it is loaded into memory. When data is written back to the hard disk, it is automatically re-encrypted. The disk encryption/ decryption process is completely transparent to the user or any application program -the data is caught "on the fly" as it transfers back and forth between the hard disk and memory. Consequently, users don't need to remember to decrypt or re-encrypt their data, or change the normal operation of the PC. In addition, only individual files are decrypted at any one time, not the whole hard disk.

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The application safeguards confidential files in an encrypted virtual drive, but only when the user is logged off. SilentVault Personal starts well with a step-by-step wizard that creates your virtual drives. Unlike other similar tools, you need only enable password-protection and set the size of the drive. The virtual drives are handled like normal ones, so you won't waste time encrypting separate files. You can easily access your files and perform operations such as save, copy, and move from within any application. You can quickly dismount virtual drives from the program's tray icon, though a hot key would be a convenient addition. Multiple users can each have separate encrypted virtual drives. SilentVault Personal uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt drives, but a choice of other algorithms would be beneficial. If you turn on the Password Recovery Option, you can recover passwords with a small amount of difficulty. When logged off, the virtual drive is merely an encrypted file on your PC and inaccessible to anyone without the password. Secure and easy to use, SilentVault Personal is a solid choice for data security and is suitable for beginners and power users alike.

It uses using the best and most proven cryptographic algorithm AES 256 Bit Strength disk encryption.

Is it Easy to Install, Deploy & Use?

SILENTVAULT data encryption software requires minimal administration and user training. Disk encryption is completely transparent, requiring no change in the way users work with the computer.

How does it Maximize Security and Minimize Risk?

SILENTVAULT protects your data with very fast and a true "on the fly" disk encryption process. Other products that claim to be "on the fly" decrypt an entire file and load it into memory, creating significant security risks. SilentVault file encryption software is smarter and more secure because it decrypts only the specific portion of a file that is in use. Unprotected data never resides on a SilentVault encrypted hard drive.

Does it provide volume encryption?

SILENTVAULT allows creation of a virtual container file that will store all the encrypted information.

What are Improved Security and Forgotten Password Recovery features?

SILENTVAULT allows administrators to keep split backup of keys.
• The vault backup can be opened only when user key, vault secret file, and the password are available.
• If vault backup original location is not known then it is not possible to open the vault using backup.
• Password recovery is possible only if personal secrets are known and the password recovery option was selected during creation of the vault.

Is there any Password Sniffing Protection?

SILENTVAULT integrates special functionalities that prevent passwords from being sniffed by Hackers or Trojan horses such as Back Orifice, SubSeven etc...

Does it provide No-Evidence Encryption?

The vault container files do not have any file header that indicates it is a SILENTVAULT encrypted file. Therefore, without knowing the right pass-phrase, it is impossible to prove that a large container file on the computer is a SilentVault virtual disk container.

Are Anti Dictionary or Brute Force Attack mechanism resisted?

SILENTVAULT makes Dictionary or Brute Force attacks against encrypted volumes much harder than any of the actual competitor products by dramatically slowing down these processes.

Is Encrypted Volume Resizing possible?

An Encrypted Volume may, with time, become too small or too big, for the amount of data it has to contain. Therefore, SilentVault offers you Volume-Resize functionality. This will allow you to easily adapt a volume to your needs at any time, and optimize the Hard Disk space.

Is External Hardware Support available?

SILENTVAULT PROFESSIONAL supports optional external hardware devices such as: USB token.

Does it Work on any Storage Medium?

SILENTVAULT works on any kind of Hard Disk, and removable medium such as Floppy-, Zip-, Jazz-, Seagate-, CD-ROM, DVD- Drives etc… and has been tested up to 80 GIGABYTES of encrypted data.

How Easy and Safe the Installation is?

The installation is easy and fast. During installation, the administrator simply selects the size of the vault, names the vault and the password. SILENTVAULT will then do the rest and created the vault.

Can Encrypted Data be easily recovered in case employee leaves organization?

If a user leaves the organization, the encrypted data on the PC is easily recovered and restored to a decrypted state by the administrator using the backup and split backup keys.

Are there any Back-doors present?

SILENTVAULT does NOT include any back-door. Encrypted data are only accessible by the legitimate users. Neither the vendor nor any other entities are able to break SilentVault disk encryption.

We are from the "Police" "Tax authority" "Security Company". and are investigating on someone whose computer is protected with your SilentVault software. Since we were not able to break into the protected computer ourselves, could you please assist us getting access to the encrypted data? If requested, we can provide you with a court order.

Sorry, but our software has been designed to be the most secure in the industry, and as such not even our programmers are able to break into a SilentVault encrypted computer. The only way to get access to the protected data is by entering the correct password known only by the legitimate user.

What is the minimum size of a vault?

The minimum size of Vault is 5 MB.

Can I backup a SilentVault vault on recordable CD disks and CD-RW disks?

Yes you can. Create the vault on your hard drive, and burn it onto the CD. Please note that in all cases (even on CD-RW) the vault can only be opened when located in the original path as created.

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